Train the Trainer

CITE's Forklift Train the Trainer and Instructor training is the most complete comprehensive forklift training program in the industry. Designed for companies that have substantial turn over, multiple locations, or complex operations. If your company has a qualified supervisor or safety officer then a forklif train the trainer certification class is a practial choice for you.

  • CITE provides your instructors the neccessary instruction and training to implement a complete forklift safety training program for your facility.
  • Company specific rules and hazards can be implemented into the training material.
  • Any customizations or documentation updates requested are done free of charge.
  • Consultations for your instructors or trained operators after training is completely free.
  • CITE fully supports your instructors and / or operators after the course.

Upon completion of the course each instructor will receive a personalized instructor binder and kit that includes the following:

  • Instructor CD with forklift training presentation and documentation.
  • Rich video content depicting real forklift accidents.
  • OSHA record keeping requirements list.
  • Printed presentation program and outline.
  • State and Federal rules and regulations.
  • Training techniques (helpful for the new instructor).
  • Full set of back up training documentation.
  • Theory test.
  • Practical evaluation forms.
  • Pre-use inspection forms.
  • Certificate of completions.
  • Operator Certification Cards

Pricing in the Portland Metro area

1st instructor including Forklift Lift training with binder/kit . . . $675.00

Each additional instructor including Forklift Lift training binder/kit . . . $325.00


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